TradingCandle is a customised charting platform which will graphically illustrates the price movements and educate the traders how exactly the share trading works in any financial market in the world.

We built this platform initially for the group of Visual Traders who follow the principles of Visual Trading which was developed by Anbalagan Veerappan and the group members successfully adopted TradingCandle as their own Trading System.

Basically TradingCandle is a simple tool for visualizing the financial market thoroughly all in Charts. The trader who follow the Visual Trading, don’t have to follow the news, and don’t have to be a technical analyst. And with out having deeper knowledge about the fundamentals of the particular instrument, any one can become a successful trader. We suggest you to strictly follow the system and stay with the trading plan.

BTCUSDT (Daily) on 22-May-2022

You can find entry and exit levels in the chart and trend indications in the timeframes. The Targets and Pending Targets which otherwise called as profit exits are goals of the market based on its participants. Those who trade the particular instrument are the participants and their actions are responsible for the price movements.

As we mentioned earlier the market sets, its own target based its participants. And each target points are perfectly remembered and it will react when ever it reaches a target in any of the cycles. In simple terms, our charts can help you visualize the goal. And to be honest, no one can define a time for a market to reach its goal.

Visual traders are well informed about the facts of the market and play where the market is heading to. Also they are prepared and foresee the sudden moves that the market make before it reaching its goal. So it is always suggested to capture the momentum and book the trades on the direction where the Market Makers are taking it.

The Charts and the Timeframes are designed to take better trading decisions just in a glance. You need to pick the right trade at the right time and monitor the price movements and take early actions. We are providing a week of free trial for everyone to explore our charts as part of their learning towards Visual Trading.

You may need to unlearn almost everything you know about trading. Because it is completely a different psychology and it is opposite of what everyone generally think about market. Your perception will change completely after you start your learning. If you are a professional trader, we highly recommend you to attend The Art of Visual Trading online program at AnbuTrading