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The Platform is designed to take better trading decisions just in a glance. You need to pick the right trade at the right time and monitor the price movements and take early actions. We can’t really explain everything and that’s the reason we want you to experience it with a week of free trial by registering your account with us

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There is a need to unlearn almost everything you know about trading. Because it is completely a different psychology and it is opposite of what everyone generally think. Your perception will change completely after you start your learning. We highly recommend you to attend the Art of Visual Trading online program at AnbuTrading


Targets and Pending Targets are goals of the market based on its participants. No one can define a time for a market to reach its goal. Visual traders are well informed about the facts of the market and play where the market is heading to. Also they are prepared and foresee the sudden moves that the market make before it reaching its goal.

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